Nyxe is a space witch singing lullabies from sunken pirate ships. Her songs are the soundtrack to the enchanting dream that woke you up at 3am, magical incantations greeting you on a moonlit night, the sound of your favorite altered state. She is the latest incarnation of musician Pam Shaffer and her songs appeal to fans of Cigarettes After Sex, Lana Del Rey, and Bjork. Featuring crystalline vocals, swooning synthesizers, melodic drums and otherworldly lyricism, her music can be categorized as ambient pop, dream pop, experimental and slowcore. As an LA native with a film score, immersive multimedia app Beyond Books and co-writes with Dru DeCaro (Vic Mensa, Miguel) under her belt, Nyxe is happiest spinning her magic in the studio, in the world of sync licensing and on the stage. She was once called the post modern Enya and she has never felt so flattered.

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